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Public education is the cornerstone of our democracy, economy, and society. A strong public education system meets the diverse educational needs of all children and empowers them to become competent, productive contributors to a democratic society and an ever changing world. Our students need your help. Regardless of whether you have children in public schools or not, every child deserves a quality public education.


The Mississippi School Boards Association along with the National School Boards Association has launched a nationwide campaign “Stand Up for Public Education” to increase the awareness of the importance of public schools. This outreach campaign is our opportunity to share the good news of public education – the academic gains our students are making, district successes, and triumphs. The campaign also seeks to enlist the support of educators and community members from across the state of Mississippi to ensure that the future of public education remains in the hands of the community, which it serves. 

“Stand Up for Public Education” campaign will provide board members, superintendents, administrators, teachers, parents, and students with the resources to help spread the good word. These resources will be available on this website, and through the iMSBA app.

When Schools Flourish, All Flourishes... Martin Luther

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